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31/100: This Blogging Thing is Really Hard

I need to carve out more time for this.

The past few weeks, I’ve been putting off my blogging until the end of the day. Which sucks because I get into bed am like “god dammit I still have to write a blog and I had a whole post planned but didn’t do any of the research”. Every day I say that “tomorrow will be different” and it never really is.

So I need to change my tactics.

This weekend, I’m going to actually invest some time into my blog and plan ahead, doing research and writing drafts of things that can be edited the night before. My goal for this next week is to actually have posts finished the night before they’re scheduled (so in theory I would have Day 32’s post ready to go by this time but I don’t).

Not only does it suck for anyone who is reading (which at this point is nobody because I’m not managing this blog well), but it also sucks for me because I don’t get to do the reflection that I want to do. I’ve just been doing yoga this week without my focus being¬†truly¬†on the sacral chakra because I haven’t invested the time into learning about these poses and deepening my practice.

But hey, this whole thing is a learning process and requires me to think creatively, exercising my sacral chakra muscles. Honestly, because this week has been so all over the place, I think I will just repeat the sacral chakra week next week and write more extensively on the poses and other remedies that open it up.

So for now, this is what I have: very little. I spent my day doing yoga, writing for money, and applying to jobs. I went to my first session at a studio in the LONGEST time and loved every second of it, and can’t wait to go again tomorrow. I also did a sacral chakra practice with Brett Larkin yoga and also thought it was fantastic. I had a great day, but I didn’t get a lot done that I needed to do. I’m letting this blog fall to the wayside but that’s not in the cards for me to do.

So here’s to sacral chakra week round 2 with actual substantive posts. I’m excited to get this ball rolling for real, now that I’ve been home almost a full week and feel settled into my groove a little. Now all I need is a job!

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