Who the hell is this chick?

My name is Grace, and I'm a writer that's looking to take on the world.

I'm the self-proclaimed "Queen of Pep Talks", a travel addict, and yoga enthusiast. I'm here to talk about life as I know it, including the not-so-nice sides.

More than anything though, I'm passionate about empowering others, particularly women. The way I see the world, women don't get enough of the recognition that they deserve.

I'm here to remind you that you're a kickass human being who deserves more credit than you give yourself.

My physical location is currently Boulder, Colorado, but I am currently getting ready to move back to Amsterdam. I've visited 24 different countries and speak varying amounts of four different languages. Five, if you include swearing like a sailor. Maybe six if you include sarcasm.

This blog is meant to be a lot of things, but mostly a place for my rants and ravings about the world. I want to remind people that they're kickass, review cool shit, ramble against the patriarchy, and talk about my yoga practices.

It's really going to be a weird collection of things I find interesting, but everyone's welcome to come along on the journey.

Living Enthusiastically

My own little life motto is to "live enthusiastically", meaning that I believe we should fully embrace every god damn moment, whether it's good or bad.

The ways that I do this are through yoga, acupuncture, meditation, food, and other fitness, health, and wellness areas of life. I believe that life is about slowing down and enjoying the little things, approaching the world with a creative mindset and a little bit of humor.